Hot water circulator


Hot water circulators are a key plumbing component if you are to get the hot water from the outdoor boiler to the inside of the house that you are trying to heat. They must be sized correctly and hopefully be VERY reliable.
They are also used extensively to distribute the heat within your home in conjunction with in floor heating systems, baseboard radiators and conversion-to-forced-air heat distribution systems.
They are an essential part of any outdoor wood boiler system, so lets start the conversation, by looking at the key design elements that you may want to consider in buying small circulator pumps.

Material of Construction

Small Circulator pumps can be constructed of bronze, cast iron or stainless steel, with this later one being the most expensive and only typically used in pool applications where corrosive chemicals are present and stainless steels resistance to rust is a essential feature.

Bronze pumps are mandatory, at least in my area for any domestic water applications. For example pumps that control the flow of hot water to your bathroom or sink. They are not necessary for water used for home heating.

That leaves cast iron as the most cost effective material for small hot water circulators that are strictly used for space heat. All hydronic heating systems are closed loop, meaning that the same water keeps flowing around the pipes. This reduces the amount of free oxygen that is available for promoting rust, a key reason why you can get away with cast iron hot water circulators in closed loop hydronic heating systems.

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